Farming Social Club

Farming Social Club was born out of a crazy dream: to promote the riches of our terroirs, to bring out the best in what we produce ourselves. We've always been committed to local, sustainable farming, quality agriculture and the preservation of biodiversity, and today we're proud to be able to showcase the fruits of our own production for our guests to discover.

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A vineyard Drômois

In the heart of the Drôme Provençale, one of the residences in The Social Club collection boasts a rare wealth of treasures. Château Les Oliviers de Salettes also owes part of its majestic landscape to two hectares of vines located at the very entrance to the estate. Two grape varieties are blended here, Viognier and Chardonnay. An invitation to a perfect country stroll that also reveals a picturesque view of one of the symbols of the French art of living, its wine heritage.

Fields of lavande

A visual and olfactory signature of any getaway in the Drôme Provençale, lavender is a welcome sight at Château Les Oliviers de Salettes. With its 9 hectares of lavender fields, the estate is adorned in an emblematic purple throughout the lavandin flowering season. Farming Social Club now exploits this unique resource, transforming the flowers and essential oil into cosmetic products: soaps, pillow mist and lavender sachets to enhance the experience of a stay in this Drôme residence.

lavender portrait
From hives at the Château

Thousands of bees have taken up residence in seven hives on the Château Les Oliviers de Salettes estate in the heart of the Drôme Provençale region. Farming Social Club highlights the nectar produced by these workers, harvested with the help of a Drôme beekeeper and offered for tasting to guests of establishments in The Social Club collection. It's also a way of helping to preserve local biodiversity and combat the massive disappearance of bees.

From the market gardening

In the heart of the Gard region, not far from Nîmes, Farming Social Club is the proud owner of two hectares of market garden land. Dozens of varieties of fruit, vegetables and herbs are grown there without pesticides or weedkillers, using natural fertilisers. Freshly grown and lovingly picked, the fruits of this production can be found exclusively on the menus of the restaurants in The Social Club collection. From the earth to the plate.

market gardening